traditional boat
Sologne pondThe Loire Valley has many rivers, streams, and ponds where fishing addicts will catch a vast diversity of fish: pikes, eels, silurids, carps, etc.

We offer you to go on board with a Loire River connoisseur, for a unique fishing experience of one or several days.
We can also offer you wonderful fishing moments by a Sologne pond.
We take care of transportation, accommodation, and other services, in accordance to your wishes.

Rate : 290 € per person.

An example of a fishing day

At dawn, you go on board with a Loire River connoisseur and a guide for a unique fishing experience.
The boat is the replica of a traditional boat.
You actually start fishing about 30 minutes before sunrise. The first catches should be eels or silurids that may be two metres long.
Around 10:30 AM, we offer you a brunch of typical local
Then, Millière, a Loire River connoisseur, and a professional fisherman introduce you to fishing techniques used on the river.
A picnic on the river bank: local dishes and wines. It is a good time to rest and relax after a tremendously exciting morning. The end of the day is more favourable to small catches… for a delicious plate of fried fish for example!
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